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domenica 30 ottobre 2016

The Resque of Sir Manfred

Quest n. 2 from the main game questbook is "The Rescue of Sir Ragnar" (Sir Manfred in Italy). He is one of the bravest paladin of the Empire and has been imprisoned by the army of chaos.
Once you find and resque him from his cell, you have to represent this guy by using the Chaos Srocerer miniature.
I've always been disappointed on this, but fortunately here is a cool piece sculpted by the Italian artist Marco Partenzi (Bombur) that can help us to solve this problem...

Can you find the intruder?

Yes, he is... Sir Ragnar!

Once the quest is completed, you'll be rewarded by the Emperor with a bunch of gold coins and be proud of yourself for the result of the mission.
But later in the Return of the Witch Lord expansion pack, you'll learn that Sir Ragnar has become a traitor and voted his cause to the force of Chaos: he is infact the one who helped Skullmar to escape from his death...

2 commenti:

  1. Ciao! Dove posso acquistare la miniatura di Sir Manfred? È fantastica!

    Hi! Where I can buy Sir Ragnar's miniature? That was great!

  2. Ciao, scusa ma non mi è arrivata alcuna notifica del tuo commento; purtroppo questa miniatura non è in vendita. L'autore ne ha fatte stampare pochissime copie. Ho provato più volte a contattarlo ma al momento non sembra interessato a farne altre :(