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domenica 30 giugno 2019

Heroquest Hyper Contest - Vinci gratis un set di HeroQuest (scade 29.09.2019)

Partecipa al concorso e vinci un set base di HeroQuest in Italiano, 100% completo ed in buonissime condizioni più... alcuni extra (top-secret per il momento)!!!
Il contest è organizzato dal sottoscritto e la partecipazione è gratuita!!! Si, proprio così... gratuita!
I requisiti per partecipare però sono i seguenti:
  1. essere cittadino italiano e residente in Italia;
  2. avere almeno 18 anni di età compiuti;
  3. richiedere ed attivare una carta prepagata HYPE (gratuita) utilizzando solo ed esclusivamente il seguente link di invito:
NOTA: la carta HYPE è una carta prepagata emessa da Banca Sella; non solo non ha costi per voi ma quando vi registrate (vi raccomando di usare solo il link che vi ho indicato sopra, pena l'esclusione dalla partecipazione al contest) riceverete anche un bonus di benvenuto di 10 euro.
Purtroppo chi è già titolare di una carta HYPE non potrà partecipare ma ciò non esclude che si possa far registrare un amico o un proprio parente. Per per ogni utente che si registra e attiva la carta tramite il mio invito, riceverò una notifica che conferma il buon esito della registrazione.

E' necessario che si raggiungano almeno 20 partecipanti membri del sito www.heroquestforum.it
Qualora non si raggiungesse il numero minimo di 20 partecipanti verrà annunciato l'annullamento del contest ma riceverete comunque il bonus sulla vostra carta.
Tra tutti i partecipanti al contest verrà estratto un vincitore che si aggiudicherà il premio che gli verrà recapitato gratuitamente presso il proprio domicilio (in Italia).
Per motivi di trasparenza e al fine di evitare dubbi di qualunque tipo, l'estrazione verrà effettuata in diretta tramite apposito account su Instagram in modo che sia visibile a chiunque sia interessato.
Il termine ultimo per partecipare è il 29 Settembre 2019, mentre l'estrazione avverrà entro i 15 giorni successivi alla data di scadenza.
Per un più semplice monitoraggio dei partecipanti o se avete dubbi o domande non esitate a chiedere lasciando un messaggio qui sotto.

sabato 6 aprile 2019

Loretome 25th...

Download links: English  -  Italiano  -  Française  -  Español

A funny and ironic quest I made about 2 years ago.
It was originally made in Italian but it's available also in English, French and Spanish, translated by Sajungzak, Le Nain Rouge and Danstructor.
Cover artwork is painted by Christopher Lue-Quee.
Here is a sample of what you will find inside:

"My friends,
Once again I have called upon you in an hour of great distress. I need your help. It‘s been a while now since the pages of Loretome have begun to turn gray, and day by day more writings seem to fade into nothingness.
Within its vanishing pages it is yet written that this is caused by the actions of Dionisus, a Chaos mage. Although infamous for his ability to manipulate time and minds, he has never been considered a real menace... until now. Dionisus is working to create a copy of Loretome...
The time to act is now. Located in a land that in ancient times was called the Land of the Gnomes, known now as the Gnome-Zone, your task is to find Dionisus’s Manor, discover what his plan is..."

Download links: English     -    Italiano        -   Française      -  Español

sabato 15 settembre 2018

My miniatures cabinet

Browsing my phone and found a photo of my cabinet that
I took about two years ago,so I decided to make a new one
and share, because my blog needs an update.
In the cabinent there are some of my Heroquest and other Citadel
figures, plus a few Grenadier, HHG and Ral Partha pieces too.
Wonder if I will ever find the time to paint them all...

venerdì 10 febbraio 2017

Wizards of Morcar: the unreleased metal prototypes

Here are the rare metal miniatures from the Wizards of Morcar pack.
If you think you've already seen them, you are right; infact they are shown in the photo on the back of the box of the expansion pack.
I guess the prototypes were used to test the game and as a guide for sculpting the plastic models.
Grawshak, the Orc Shaman, is way bigger than its plastic version, while the others are just a little bit taller than their official counterpart.
Boroush, the Storm Master, has no necklace and got a stone on his staff.
All the metal versions have better details than the plastic ones.
The mercenary is not unreleased and he was later used for Warhammer.
Ther are four body variants for the mercenaries but this one is the most similar to the final plastic version.

domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Buying a sealed/shrink-wrapped box

Are you after a brand new and still sealed Heroquest box?
Are you ready to pay a lot of gold coins to put your hands on a shrink-wrapped Barbarian or Elf Quest Pack?
I know, sealed boxes are very attractive for everyone but consider this:
It can happen (and has happened in the past) that opening a new box (whatever game it is) you can notice that there is something wrong.
How could you react in such situation?
A friend from the Italian Heroquest community forum was lucky enough to find a double set of heroes inside his D&D The Fantasy Adventure Board Game.

He was very happy, but imagine you've bought a sealed Barbarian Quest Pack and to realize that the blue sprue (it is the one with the monsters and the female barbarian) is missing!!! Are you still alive? It is a manufacturing fault!

Now let's check the photo below, you can notice a great mistake in the cut of the cards, it is just another manufacturing fault:

In 1990 you could return the box to your favourite shop and get another copy of the game in return but today no eBay seller will accept a return of an item that was sealed and now you are pretending to return it opened and defected, agree?

So that's why I would prefer to buy a box that is still in excellent conditions but already opened than a sealed one.
Also, with a sealed one there is the risk that you will never open it because of its rarity and so you'll never enjoy it.

domenica 30 ottobre 2016

The Resque of Sir Manfred

Quest n. 2 from the main game questbook is "The Rescue of Sir Ragnar" (Sir Manfred in Italy). He is one of the bravest paladin of the Empire and has been imprisoned by the army of chaos.
Once you find and resque him from his cell, you have to represent this guy by using the Chaos Srocerer miniature.
I've always been disappointed on this, but fortunately here is a cool piece sculpted by the Italian artist Marco Partenzi (Bombur) that can help us to solve this problem...

Can you find the intruder?

Yes, he is... Sir Ragnar!

Once the quest is completed, you'll be rewarded by the Emperor with a bunch of gold coins and be proud of yourself for the result of the mission.
But later in the Return of the Witch Lord expansion pack, you'll learn that Sir Ragnar has become a traitor and voted his cause to the force of Chaos: he is infact the one who helped Skullmar to escape from his death...

domenica 14 febbraio 2016

Painted minis on eBay - gone!

Closed right now some auctions on eBay featuring some Heroquest figures from Germany painted very nice. I also tried to bid on them but they reached prices to high for my tates. Here are some photos and the prices they were sold (for a grand total of 347,50!!!):

The 4 heroes, sold for 52,00 EUR
6 Ogres (2 unpainted) at 71,00 EUR
Cheap Mercenaries for 13,50 EUR
8 Orcs at 47,50 EUR
Chaos Warriors were with Gargoyle and Chaos Sorcerer...
Gargoyle, Chaos Sorcerer and 4 Chaos Warriors sold at 45,50 EUR
6 undeads at 26,80 EUR
4 Skeletons were gone with the Fimirs...
6 Fimirs at 45,50, including the 4 Skeletons
6 Goblins at 45,50 EUR